Do not choose Bluehost as your hosting provider to build with

These people have to be among the worst companies to exist….They have terrible ethics. Allow me to explain; I wanted to create a site and chose Bluehost through videos i presume were sponsored, and boy was I in for a ride. I purchased a couple hundred dollar plan and went to creating my website. I spent 9 HOURS creating this website and SUDDENLY it gets shut down. So I get an e-mail to see what happened, and am posed with the statement that my website was locked under suspicious activity. I then call them and have this very long phone conversation which boiled down to the fact that my IP for payment wasn't the same as the original used for the card made due to VPN, even though I confirmed this payment with my bank through text minutes after purchase. Yes, I confirmed this payment through text with my bank hours before all of this. I repeat, the transaction was confirmed and approved.

They then blackmail me into GIVING THEM MY ID CARD. They didn't even ask for me to blank out very crucial things like DLN. Here's a brief explanation about how this isn't ethical nor should it even be legal; it's just not something anyone here should be okay with. If a person pays something through a card; and the transaction successfully went through, there was no fake card. It was someone's actual card that was used. That money is going to go back to the original card holder, point blank, regardless of whether or not they believe there is an intruder in that person's bank. Not only that, but it's a massive security issue? What's stopping employees from taking that card and using it as an impostor? Or the E-mail (yes they demanded this be sent via e-mail) was hijacked? They aren't some government agency. And no, it wasn't just demanded for the domain refund as domains ARE handled by said agency primarily it was for the over a hundred dollar hosting plan as well. No reputable sites that have ethics do this. They simply give refunds by allowing you to prove your identification normally. Because – A: That's completely unreasonable and unethical to ask for personal ID online; B: It's a security breach

So I tell these people I will get them in a conference call with by bank where they can confirm everything. They decline and continue to blackmail me into giving them this ID for a refund. What it boiled down to was that they were simply following rules, numerous people didn't even disagree with what I was saying at the end of it. I ended up sending them my ID. AND THEY GAVE ME THE REFUND AFTER THIS CLUELESS TEAM RESPONDED TO THE EMAIL ASKING WHAT THE ID WAS ABOUT WHEN I EXPLAINED IT IN DETAIL – THEY DIDN'T CONFIRM IT BUT STILL GAVE ME THE REFUND AFTER DEMANDING I SENT IT FOR HOURS. (Because I contacted my bank after they took so long to respond to it) This company is simply run by lunatics if they think this is okay, and i'm not even the beginning of it. Here are entire threads about their shenanigans;,

And please, if you experience this with Bluehost or any company, call your bank directly and open a case for a refund through them instead of giving said company your sensitive private information/EIG companies also appear to have this tendencies overall so here is a list of them for you to avoid;

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